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Payment Methods
Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we work with a international express courier for all shipments and can also ship our product to your country.
Most country destinations have been activated, so in the order process you can probably choose your own country. If your country does not appear on the list please contact our customer service.

We currently do not ship to the USA; due to the 110V USA power supply the units will not function correctly.
How safe are your products?
Our products have been developed and tested with great care, we advise you to follow the safety instructions:
-For the safety of everyone in your household, never remove product covering/case. Do not try to replace parts by yourself. Always consult a professional electrician.
-Reduce the risk of fire or electric shock; the LED should never be exposed to rain or moisture. Objects filled with liquids, such as vases, bottles, etc should not be placed on or near the LED.
-Never directly look in the light, this will damage your vision and can cause temporary blindness.
-Do not install near any heat sources such as heat emitting lights, radiators, electrical heaters, or other heat sources.
-Only use the original power cord and only use with approved accessories. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement.
-When plugging the power cord into the wall unit, make sure it is fully inserted in the socket.
-Protect the power cord from being walked on or pulled, particularly at plugs and the point where the power cord exits the LED grow light
-Use strong cables or chains to position the unit and make sure that they have been well fitted to the ceiling and the light. We are not responsible for drop-damage caused to the LED.
-Unplug the LED during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
-Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the LED has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord damage, liquid /objects have fallen into the LED, the LED unit has been exposed to rain or moisture, not operated normally, or has been dropped.
-For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities, electronic devices should be recycled after their use.
What is your warranty protocol?
Each light in the Crazy LED collection has been carefully chosen for component quality and manufacturing quality. The guarantee we give varies from model to model.

How does it work?
The warranty covers the repair or replacement of your LED grow light in case of defects or malfunctions. The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. It includes all components and labour needed to get the device working correctly again. If a component is no longer available we will replace it with an equivalent component or exchange the LED grow light. The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. Crazy LED will not extend the warranty period in case of repairs or replacement within the warranty protocol.

Our warranty covers normal usage of your LED grow light in the country from where it was purchased. We can refuse shipments to areas other then where it was first purchased. In case of repairs the buyer has to pay the postage for shipment to our office and the items must be returned in its original packaging. We will do our utmost to solve any issues as quickly as possible. The warranty does not apply without the original purchase invoice.

The warranty does NOT cover:
Defects caused by: -Accidental damage. (such as dropping the unit, spilling water on it, etc) -Careless operation. -Any other use other than what the unit is intended for (indoor home growing) -Use of components and accessories provided by third parties. -Faulty assembly, installation, or repairs by others then Crazy LED. -Shipment damage of the LED grow light from the customer to our office due to poor packaging.

If you experience any problems with your LED grow light after the warranty period we still advise you to contact us. Perhaps there is an easy and effective way to help you solve the problem, even after the official warranty period ends
How long will shipping take?
Shipping times depend on your destination. At most European addresses your order will be delivered within 24 hours after receiving payment. Some remote areas and destinations outside of Europe will take longer.
Where do you produce your lights?
It varies from supplier to supplier. We have supplied indoor grow lights from Europe and North America.
Crazy LEDs

Shipping Information

shipp Shipping Information
We are constantly innovating our ways to deliver your order as soon and safe as possible. We keep all personal information, like your address and billing information, to ourselves at all times. We will never share personal information with third parties. We pack all orders in neutral packaging, so that nobody can see what's inside them. Our shipping address is in the name of our company, which will also be on the shipping label. You are responsible for providing the correct delivery details to Crazy LEDs & More. If incorrect details should be provided by accident, Crazy LEDs & More can not be held accountable for delays, failure of delivery and any costs resulting from this. So please check everything accurately before you checkout, most of the time our customer service will check your shipping details again before sending out your products. Crazy LEDs & More can not be held accountable for financial losses caused by non-recoverable shipping and import costs caused by the customer (not being aware of regulations, border taxes etc. in advance).

time  Shipping Time

Shipping times depend on your destination. At most European addresses your order will be delivered within 24-72 hours after receiving the payment. Some remote areas and destinations outside of Europe will take longer. We always try to send out orders the next business day at the latest, on the condition that the payment is received. We will send a tracking number to your e-mail address so you can follow your order onine. When an item is out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible. Most items that are not in stock can be with us within a few business days. Please contact our customer support to learn more about the shipping details via

On Average:
Netherlands: 1/2 business days
Europe standard delivery: 2/6 business days (Track and Trace)
Europe express delivery: 1/2 business days
International / Outside Europe: 7/14 business days (Please contact us for non-EU shipments)
≡ Shipping times are estimates and therefore not guaranteed.
≡ Working days are Monday to Friday. We don't ship during the weekend.
We ship all over the world

pay  Payment
You can choose one of the following methods of payment: 

  1. Pay with iDeal
  2. Pay with a Bank Transfer
  3. Pay with Mastercard
  4. Pay with Visa
  5. Pay with Bitcoin
  6. Pay cash in advance by post

If you pay with iDeal your order is confirmed immediately. We will make sure your order will be shipped the next business day at the latest. If an item is not in stock, we will contact you as soon as possible. When you choose to transfer the money yourself, we will hold the order until we received your payment. Our banking details are in the order confirmation, which will be send to you automatically when you completed the ordering process. If you send us a printscreen of the payment via e-mail, we will ship the order to you right away.

Our bank account and payment systems are registered in the name of our company.

broken  Defect(s)

Ensuring the integrity and quality of our products during transportation, and especially on arrival, is one of our highest priorities. In case of a damaged product upon arrival or during use within the warranty period, please contact us via and provide us with detailed information about the defect(s) itself, accompanied by; pictures, video's and/or comments. Our customer service will inform you about our return policy. You should contact us within 7 working days upon arrival of your order.

If damage has been caused by abnormal use, neglect (such as dripping water, depending on the IP encoding of the product), wrong input voltage, dropping or breaking the light, etc…, the warranty is void. Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of Crazy LEDs & More.

return  14 Day Right Of Withdrawal
You can repudiate a purchase contract for a product without giving reasons for a period of reflection of 14 days. The reflection period starts on the day you receive the product, or by a third person appointed by you in advance and who is not the carrier.

During this period you shall treat the product and the package carefully. You shall unpack or use the product only to that extent to as far as it is necessary to judge if you wish to keep the product. If you want to execute the right of withdrawal, you shall return the product with all accessories and in the original conditioning and packaging to Crazy LEDs and More, in accordance with the provided instructions of Crazy LEDs & More.
In order to execute the right of withdrawal, you must abide by the reasonable and clear instructions provided by Crazy LEDs & More at the offer or finally at the deliverance of the service.

It is essential to contact our customer service and inform us about the defect(s) first (before returning a product to us) via

conditi  Return Conditions

Please ensure that all products are firmly secured for transport. We do not accept products that are not in their original condition, if damage has been caused by abnormal use, neglect (such as dripping water, depending on the IP encoding of the product), wrong input voltage, dropping or breaking the light, etc., we do not accept the return and you will lose the right to get a refund.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you regarding the evaluation and approval of your return. Once approved, we will then send a new product or replacement as soon as possible.

Return costs

You only have to pay the Shipping costs when taking advantage of the 14 day right of withdrawal. Crazy LEDs & More will cover the costs in the case of a defect product.