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Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we work with a international express courier for all shipments and can also ship our product to your country.
Most country destinations have been activated, so in the order process you can probably choose your own country. If your country does not appear on the list please contact our customer service.

We currently do not ship to the USA; due to the 110V USA power supply the units will not function correctly.
How safe are your products?
Our products have been developed and tested with great care, we advise you to follow the safety instructions:
-For the safety of everyone in your household, never remove product covering/case. Do not try to replace parts by yourself. Always consult a professional electrician.
-Reduce the risk of fire or electric shock; the LED should never be exposed to rain or moisture. Objects filled with liquids, such as vases, bottles, etc should not be placed on or near the LED.
-Never directly look in the light, this will damage your vision and can cause temporary blindness.
-Do not install near any heat sources such as heat emitting lights, radiators, electrical heaters, or other heat sources.
-Only use the original power cord and only use with approved accessories. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement.
-When plugging the power cord into the wall unit, make sure it is fully inserted in the socket.
-Protect the power cord from being walked on or pulled, particularly at plugs and the point where the power cord exits the LED grow light
-Use strong cables or chains to position the unit and make sure that they have been well fitted to the ceiling and the light. We are not responsible for drop-damage caused to the LED.
-Unplug the LED during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
-Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the LED has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord damage, liquid /objects have fallen into the LED, the LED unit has been exposed to rain or moisture, not operated normally, or has been dropped.
-For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities, electronic devices should be recycled after their use.
What is your warranty protocol?
Each light in the Crazy LED collection has been carefully chosen for component quality and manufacturing quality. The guarantee we give varies from model to model.

How does it work?
The warranty covers the repair or replacement of your LED grow light in case of defects or malfunctions. The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. It includes all components and labour needed to get the device working correctly again. If a component is no longer available we will replace it with an equivalent component or exchange the LED grow light. The warranty period is valid from the purchase date. Crazy LED will not extend the warranty period in case of repairs or replacement within the warranty protocol.

Our warranty covers normal usage of your LED grow light in the country from where it was purchased. We can refuse shipments to areas other then where it was first purchased. In case of repairs the buyer has to pay the postage for shipment to our office and the items must be returned in its original packaging. We will do our utmost to solve any issues as quickly as possible. The warranty does not apply without the original purchase invoice.

The warranty does NOT cover:
Defects caused by: -Accidental damage. (such as dropping the unit, spilling water on it, etc) -Careless operation. -Any other use other than what the unit is intended for (indoor home growing) -Use of components and accessories provided by third parties. -Faulty assembly, installation, or repairs by others then Crazy LED. -Shipment damage of the LED grow light from the customer to our office due to poor packaging.

If you experience any problems with your LED grow light after the warranty period we still advise you to contact us. Perhaps there is an easy and effective way to help you solve the problem, even after the official warranty period ends
How long will shipping take?
Shipping times depend on your destination. At most European addresses your order will be delivered within 24 hours after receiving payment. Some remote areas and destinations outside of Europe will take longer.
Where do you produce your lights?
It varies from supplier to supplier. We have supplied indoor grow lights from Europe and North America.
Crazy LEDs

Types of LED chips

The "Efficiency Myth" and the Difference Between 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W and COB LEDS.

Because LED technology is so new, it is often hard to understand the difference between the multitude of lights available.

Many LED grow lights contain 1-watt (1W) or 3-watt (3W) LEDs and claim to be the "most efficient". This is true in the sense that a 1W LED is more efficient than a 3W LED at producing light, and a 3W LED is more efficient than a 5W LED, in terms of photons produced per watt of power used. However, a 0.5W LED is even more efficient than a 1W LED, and the most efficient demonstrated to date is a 30 picowatt (0.00000000003W) LED, so in this sense the 1W or 3W chips are certainly not the "most efficient".

So why aren't LED grow lights using the most efficient 0.00000000003W LEDs? As the power of LEDs decreases, so does their intensity. A 30 picowatt LED puts out so little light that you probably wouldn't be able to see if it is on or off, and you certainly can't grow a plant with it. 1W LEDs are much brighter, but still relatively dim- they're about as bright as an old-style T12 fluorescent (1.5-inch-thick) tube, but only about 1mm in size. They are intense enough to grow plants with, but only within a few inches of the LED.

3W LEDs are brighter still-- a little brighter than a new-style T5 (⅝" thick) fluorescent tube, and bright enough to grow plants within 12-24 inches of the LEDs. Black Dog LED was the first company to offer an all-single-die-3W LED grow light in 2010. The 3W LEDs were very capable of growing and flowering plants and marked the true beginning of practical LED grow lights. Our experience with these lights left us wanting a little more canopy-penetration power; they just weren't intense enough to keep lower leaves healthy on large plants. When the technology became available, we experimented with 5W LEDs and found them to be even better for canopy penetration and growing plants, which is why our Universal Series lights use exclusively 5W LEDs, and we no longer offer 3W LED grow lights.

5W LEDs are intense enough that it is uncomfortable to look at them (and they may damage your eyes!), more like the sun, MH or HPS lights. They have the power to penetrate the plant canopy and keep lower leaves healthy and contributing to the plants' growth. (In our office growing chamber, we have plants robustly growing under another upper layer of plants, more than 4 feet from the Black Dog LED lights!) The more leaves a plant can have contributing to its' growth, the better the plant will grow. Many growers are familiar with the concept of "pruning up" lower leaves under artificial lights; with 5W LEDs the need to do this is dramatically reduced or entirely eliminated.

Other LED grow lights are still using 1W and 3W LEDs because they are much less expensive and much easier to cool. 5W LEDs require specialized thermal management to keep the LEDs from burning out quickly. It is cheaper and easier to design and manufacture a grow light with 1W or 3W LEDs.

If 5W LEDs are great for growing plants, it seems as though 10W LEDs would be even better, but this is not (yet) the case. 10W LEDs are not available yet in all the colors we need to create our Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™. The 10W LEDs that are available are primarily "white" LEDs, which are great for creating lights for humans, but aren't very efficient for growing plants, as we explain here. They actually put out less light that is usable to the plants than our existing 5W LEDs, while taking twice the power!

Chip-On-Board (COB) or "Integrated" LEDs are created by placing many low-wattage (typically 0.5W or 1W) LED dies side-by-side on a circuit board. This allows companies to claim very high wattage LEDs, but for example the "50W LEDs" are just 50 1W LEDs side-by-side (or 100 0.5W LEDs). It isn't possible (yet) to make long-life COB LEDs with higher-wattage dies, as it isn't possible to remove the heat from the COB assembly quickly enough to prevent damage to the LEDs. For example, there are now some COB LEDs made with 3W dies on the market, but these are still only run at 1 watt per die and still have a tendency to burn themselves out within a couple months. COB LEDs also often lack primary lenses on the LEDs, which actually diminishes the light output from the LED.

Efficiency is incredibly important, but it doesn't matter if your LED grow light is the most efficient if it won't grow plants well. Black Dog LED's Universal Series lights use only 5W high-power LED chips in our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™ to provide the best combination of efficiency, spectrum and plant-growing power.

Source: Black Dog LED